Great 70s fabric still looking for a sofa–

Fabrics talk–at least they speak to me.  This one actually screamed–

It screamed a couple of things–70s , orange and pillows.

Can’t call it retro–it’s the real thing–thick upholstery fabric circa the early hippy years.  Lots of geometry in orange, tan and yellow.

Very vintage–very cool, man, cool….

Call it hip, mod– this bold print surprisingly came from the estate of two old maid sisters who bought it way back when,  and then must have lost their nerve.  Never used– It’s still on the original bolt and in excellent condition.

So in honor of the sisters who almost went wild (but didn’t), I’m thinking I’ll  finally make those pillows.  This great fabric will find a home with a new generation of girls.

Stake your claims, neices, (and other hip chicks).  These bold orange circles are still talking, and  I think they’re whipering your names….

For more on my fabric rescues, contact me at

And go to to see more Kikis projects created from vintage and recycled textiles.

November 2014 UPDATE:  Sorry so say this wonderful fabric is completely sold out.  I just finished making and shipping to pillow covers to CA with the last of it.  Sadly, only scraps remain.  Such is the way with vintage.  C


  1. Hi there!

    I am interested in acquiring this fabric. Is it still available? Would you please be so kind to send me some info (quantity, prices, can it be shipped to the Netherlands)?

    Thank you and kind regards.

    • I do still have some of the woven orange circles awailable–probably 4-5 yards and prehaps a bit more. It is 54 inches wide, if I remember correctly. How much do you need for your project? Let me know and will get it out, measure and email you directly.

      PS before I worked with the fabric, I washed my piece. It held up fine. And if you’d like a same swatch before you order the fabic, that can be arranged if you are not in a hurry to get it.
      Thanks for your interst. It’s a great fabric! Christine

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