What To Do With An Old Wedding Dress

It  was a beautiful dress.  The people who saw it laid out on the sewing table begged me not to cut it up.  But no one wanted to wear this wedding gown again.  The style was wrong, the size– tiny.  No one wanted it for a christening dress or a pillow–they’re a modern art family.  And no one needed the problem, the guilt or the fraction of the original cost an E-bay sale would bring. 

So this stunning 60 year old wedding dress came to me in a garbage bag.  A huge garbage bag.  It was a big dress with a long train.  And after thinking about it for a while,  I made something tiny–bookmarks. 

I love making and giving bookmarks created from special pieces of fabric–because like old photos, letters, and scraps of handwriting  you can tuck them away in a book or drawer and occasionally rediscover these mementos all over again. 

My wedding dress bookmarks were a big hit with the one-time-bride’s  daughters and grandchildren.  In fact, they asked for more–and gave me a great quote for my website www.kikisrewinddesigns.com

I used lace, satin and buttons from the dress, old family photos, and scraps  of the groom’s signature Museum of Modern Art hankies and ties.  I made sure to stitch the provenance to the back of each book mark.  Too much meaningful stuff gets lost  because no one knows what they are.  

What to do with an old wedding dress?  Save a bit for generations to come.  As time passes, these bookmarks will only mean more…

If you want to recycle an old wedding dress and need help.  Contact me at info@kikisrewinddesigns.com

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