No-Sew, No-Fray, and Almost No Money–Craft Projects using Polyester Double Knit

Every wonder what happened to all that polyester double-knit that was floating around in the 70s?  Well, I’ve been helping bundle it for sale at the big Alamance County Hospice Flea Market

The largest of its kind in several states, this market (which begins August 6th in Burlington) is one of my favorite sources for vintage fabrics. 

Over the years, I’ve made some great finds–like this heavy 60s cotton pique’.  But the polyester double-knit is another story.  Hot and heavy–it is not a big seller. 

So  I made some sample projects in hopes of giving all that poly a little shove out the door. 

Brightly colored and no-fray, poly is great for bulletin board covers. 

  • Press
  • Glue (I like Aleene’s Tacky Spray  in the gold can)
  • Stretch
  • Turn the edges to the back
  • Staple
  • Decorate –I cut red polyester stars with a stencil as my guide, then used stick-on fabric letters.
  • Trim–ribbon and rick-rack are great–I used both and glued the on. 

At a dollar a yard for the poly–using a coupon for the bulletin board (Joane’s) and things I had on hand,  this project cost me about 10 bucks.   What a bargain.

With the scraps left over, I made a quick wall hanging.   Again,  I just cut and glued, even cutting out the letters.  This project costs pennies, making it a  good activity for the classroom, church and rainy days. 

So next time you need felt or fleece for a kids craft project or costume, think about dirt-cheap poly instead.  Buy it on Ebay or my favorite Flea market (for a good cause) Rescue some 70s polyester and keep it out of the landfill.   

If I find any great cottons or trims, (my favorite fabrics to work with) at the sale, I’ll post them here next weekend.  And see more of my creations with these vintage fabrics on my website,

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