A Place to put your Tools–Kikis Vintage Fabric Tool Belts

I’m sure there are gardeners and seamstresses who always have their tools at hand–but I’m not one of them.  A good worker?  Yes–An organized one–not so much.  In the past I spent a too much time searching for my tools, glasses, phone, I-pod–maybe you know the drill. 

A tool belt from Home Depot, didn’t work out.  The tools were too heavy.  It kept sliding down.  So the first kiki’s rewind design was born–a vintage fabric tool belt for the garden. 

The pockets are sturdy canvas or heavy denim. You can put sissors, nails or pruners (sharp-point down) in these pockets and they won’t cut through. 

Small enough so it doesn’t get in the way–this apron still hold tons of tools.    The long ties double back, tie in the front and keep it from sliding down.    It’s useful,  beautiful, washable–unique. 

And I love the vintage fabrics–I cut, design,  applique and quilt  old hankies, tablecothes, vintage  clothing and bedding scaprs together in a cool collage.  I’ve made a lot of these work aprons  and everyone is  fresh and different. 

I use my kikis work belt  for gardening and sewing.  Here’s one made for my neice who paints.  

See more of my ready made garden tool belts for sale  in my ETS”Y store. 


Also on www.kikisrewinddesigns.com  

Or contact me about a custom design for the gardener, painter, quilter or seamstress in your life.

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