A Custom Book for Cooks (and more)

A vintage kitchen towel, ticking and quilt square cover this recipe binder--

Covered binders are great way to store  your  favorite recipes.  Add all the pages you need, and organize them anyway you want–by category, season, or favorite menus.  

The words were harvested from an old sufer tee shirt and appliqued on.

For years, I’ve made custom binder covers for family and friends,  quilting and appliquing vintage fabrics and photos into cool,  durable collages which wrap around sturdy upcycled binders (usually from the Scrap Exchange in Durham NC) 

  Recently, I’ve  even made a some fabric collage-covered  binders for  my Etsy store, www.kikisrewinddesigns.etsy.com  

A vintage chicken apron gave its life for this wipe-clean recipe binder--on sale in my etsy store

But for the longest time–my own big recipe book remained uncovered.  It bothered me every time I reached for it–I just couldn’t find the right fabric.  

Discovered it this winter as we closed up my husband’s  family home on a snowy February day.  The 1950s  tablecloths  my mother-in-law  kept for so long were too raty for the table…but perfect for keep-sake collages.   

My recipe binder finally has a cover. It hold almost three decades of favoite dishes and clippings--

I cut, appliqued, quilted, and wrapped my binder  in those happy 50s fabric scraps.  Liked the results so much I made one for my brother-in-law.  Inside we scanned his mother’s hand-written recipes.    She was a great county cook–a one-time restaurant owner.  And handwriting of those we’ve lost is such a nice a thing to have.  

This version was made for my brother-in-law and holds scanned copies of his mother's hand-written recipes-

The recipe binders are covered in wipe-clean vinyl–so they really make sense in the kitchen.  

Covered binders also make great baby gifts, scrapbooks and family reunion books. For your next reunion,  scan some old family photos, leaving space at the bottom of the page.  Then pass the book around, and have everyone write something about the picture and the people in it.. Too much of our history  is lost because it isn’t written down. 

A family reunion book made for a friend includes his grandfather’s work pants, a old quilt fragment, a 1916 map, and a touching family photo

For more on my custom binder covers, go to my website www.kikisrewinddesigns.comor contact me at info@kikisrewinddesigns.com.

Inside--scanned photos with room for writing down names and memories

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