70s Fabric–Big, Bold, Colorful and New Again


It’s also for sale on my Etsy site:


At least 4 yards of it’s for sale.  I made floor pillows out of this big medallion print–and got raves from all my hip friends 30 and under. 

Big prints are tricky. They need big, simple projects.   Cut, fold or mis-match a large print and it will never look right.   

Here are two more rules for buying and  working with big scale prints like my 70s geometric:

1) Buy or allow more fabric than you need.  In a geometric print like my green and gold medallions, I had to cut into the next row of medallions to allow for seam allowance.

2) Look at the fabric closely to see if the design is directional (has and up and down ).  And figure out the REPEAT.  In the case of the medallions, the repeat is about 23 inches.  Each row is 11 inches tall, but to match different medallions and the green and gold backgrounds  perfectly, you need to go two rows, or  23 inches. 

Finally, I machine wash and  dry almost all of my fabrics before I cut and sew with them.   Life is dirty.  I think everything should be washable. 

This cotton held up beautifully to laundering.   The fabric has a nice feel and the 40-year-old dyes didn’t fade at all. 

I read that the bright colors of the 70s were due to advancements in commercial dyes, making the neon greens and oranges possible.  These new dyes were also made to last. 

It’s a great fabric, in great condition.  I love the quality of vintage textiles–

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