Time Flies Ornaments and Gift Tags–A Project for Old Linen Calendars

You know the calendars I’m talking about– Our Grandmas loved these printed fabric wall hangings with homey pictures and sayings.  They brought a new one every year, hung it on the kitchen wall, then recycled them as dish towels or packed them away in drawers–for fabric collectors like to me to find. 

These old calendars are a great source for the recycled words that decorate my larger vintage fabric collage projects. (To see my bags, aprons, and pillow covers go to  www.kikisrewinddesigns.com ).

 But I found myself with a lot scraps–months, dates and brightly color graphics I didn’t want to throw away. 

Ornaments were the answer.   This is great project for all the little pieces that end up on your sewing room floor.I started with birds.  Who doesn’t love them–and a bird in your Christmas tree is supposed to bring good luck.   So I appliqued calendar birds to recycled burlap coffee sacks.  Numbers and dates became graphic elements (additional layers).  A vintage button and  unraveled burlap threads make a loop for hanging.

But why stop at Christmas?  There are other seasons and other places to hang small seasonal pieces–like these two Autumn ornaments I’m listing today in my Etsy shop (www.kikisrewinddesigns.etsy.com)

I like to use these little originals like I would a tassel–hang them from a knob, a lamp finial, or in a window.   They also make a lovely addition to a plain brown gift bag. 

These ornaments come together quickly,  evoke warm kitchens, simpler times.  And it makes me happy that everything is recycled–nothing is wasted.  Only the thread is new.

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