A Vintage Coverlet Hides a Quilt–

Once, fabric was very precious.  And this old quilt, which turned up  inside a vintage coverlet,  is a charming reminder of that time. 

An eight dollar purchase from my local junk store–the coverlet was wrapped around an old piece of furniture.  But I’ve learned not to dismiss any fabric–too many of my favorites have turned up in rag boxes. 

I loved the white and green snowdrops printed on red.  The plaid wasn’t bad either.  So I took it home, washed and dried it, then started ripping the coverlet apart. 

An earlier bed covering emerged. 

How much earlier?  Dating quilts that have no known  history isn’t exact or easy.   There are experts in the field–I am not one.  Many museums will evaluate a piece for free.  

I turned to one of my favorite fabric reference books–Making History, Quilts and Fabric from 1890-1970 by Barbara Brackman.  Packed with information and very well researched, I would recommend it to  any fabric lover. 

My hidden quilt probably dates from WWI to the early 20s.  Muted stripes and plaids were popular.  Dyes were in short supply since the best came from Germany and were unavailable while our countries were at war.

The red cover is  likely early 1940s.  The print is large, has a 40s feel and red was one of the decade’s popular colors. 

So once upon a time,  someone made a quilt and when that quilt wore out, they  recycled it for warmth.  Now I’m about it recycle the fabrics again.  There’s a lot of useable yardage in the 1940s  red floral  and the quilt will give me some pillow covers.   That means at least one more round for these lovely vintage fabrics–Very cool. 

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