Reclaimed Fabric Ornaments

These ornaments are made from one of my favorite fabric sources–discontinued decorator sample books.  For a few dollars, I can get  dozens of sumptuous, top of the line fabrics from places like England and Italy–Everything from rich brocades to fun animal prints.

These little treasures are  great for making small things like bookmarks and coasters–Even the book’s  vinyl covers work there.  

This weekend I’m turning fabric samples into  ornaments.  Here’s how–

  1. Start with a simple shape.  I drew a Christmas ball  for one of my ornaments.  For the other I enlarged some clip art (birds) I’ve been saving from an old Martha Stewart magazine.   Shore up your patterns with cardboard or felt so you can use them over and over. 
  2. Pick coordinating fabrics from the sample book and cut them out. If you have mulitiple top pieces, like the bird’s wing, go ahead and applique the top pieces together. 
  3. Layer fabrics, top and bottom.  Add 2 layers of felt in the center and anchor all the pieces for stitching. ( I use quilter’s adhesive spray for this.  )
  4. Trace shape on top fabric, then set your machine up for a satin stitch and sew around the shape.
  5. Carefully cut out the ornament and  satin stitch around raw edges again for a smoother edge. 
  6. Now decorate.  I cut and bunched red net “ribbons”.  Added gold ribbon loops from my wrapping supply box.  The final embellishments–an applique (leaf) from a vintage sweater and buttons from my collection. 

These ornaments make great little gifts or use them as special gift tags that can go from a package to the tree.    Just make sure to tag your ornaments with “Handmade for you by….”  It will make these little holiday gifts a big hit. 

If you’d like to see some of my bookmarks made from sample book and other reclaimed fabrics, go to my web site,

I have coaster sets (like these vinyl covered pink flamingos) in the “Craftland” sale at Durham’s awesome Scrap Exchange–Now thru Jan 2.  Also check out my vintage fabric bags and jungle wall hangings in the sale.

  The animals came from a sample book, of course.

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