Makeover a Simple Sketch book with Fabric

At the end of a long list of home-made Christmas gifts, I was determined to make just one more. 

My 10-year-old sewing student loves to design and sketch–a hobby I want to encourage.    Here’s how I personalized a sketch book for her –A quick, easy project almost anyone can do. 

  1. Purchase a spiral sketch book with a rigid front and back cover.  Mine came from Jerry’s Art-O-Rama in Raleigh. You can also find them at office supply and craft stores. 
  2. Cut a rectangle of heavy fabric for the cover–I used a quilted decorator sample from Durham’s Scrap Exchange
  3. Zig-zag edges.  Go around at least twice using button-hole like stitches. 
  4. Embellish with appliques.  On my project, a scrap of 1950s tablecloth, a purchased rose applique, and a title printed from my computer.  (I used Photoshop Elements–the type style is “jewels”.  But you can also use your word processor program and pick a nice type).  I sewed the paper right to the fabric. 
  5. Overlay, not a critical step, but I like to layer.  A sheer   from a vintage dress creates a nice texture over much of the collage.  I did a little freestyle stitching to anchor it down. 
  6. I finished with another rose applique, then glued the entire piece to the front of my sketch book, using TACKY SPRAY.  Look for it at your Craft store–comes in a gold can. 
  7. You don’t have to decorate any pages inside the book, but I thought it would be nice to challenge my young student,  plus I was having lots of fun creating the book by now.  More tacky spray and computer-printed, torn paper on page one.  The title page uses a sketch from a fashion house pattern ( I found bunches of these at my local hospice sale) and a couple of fabric samples. 

I book that I hope will inspire a little girl and a lot of fun to make–

Glue, fabric, text–this is a project that you could even do without a sewing machine.  All you really need is a sketch book and a good idea.

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