Reclaim the Great American Fabric–Blue Denim

Denim has always spoken to me.  I grew up in the textile center of South–about 16 miles from  Cone Mills, where  huge noisy machines ran around the clock, churning out blue denim for Levi Straus jeans.   

The mills are gone now, but denim is still my fabric.  Just check out the old jeans above–

I’ve harvested the waist band, belt loops, pockets and legs for other projects, and they’re still not ready for the trash.  That center front cloure will make a great details on one of my bags or garden tool belt.   

Old denim adds great character to projects.  Shaded by wear, it keeps many of the vintage floral prints I use from looking too sweet.   It’s sturdy. Washing only makes it more interesting.   And blue denim goes with everything. 

So don’t toss those old jeans, harvest them for sewing. 

See more of my projects made with vintage fabrics and old denim on my website:

And make sure to let your family and friends know you want their old jeans.  Thrift stores like Goodwill are another option for used blue denim. Check them out–


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