Kiki’s Coasters make Green Craft Magazine

I’m so honored.  Green Craft is my favorite idea magazine-a thick national publication full of  beautiful, inspiring projects made from recycled, and repurposed materials.

In the new Spring issue–wonderful craft holders created  from 6 pack cartons, tee shirt shoe sachets, great journal and legal pad covers–and on page 133, a pair of Kiki’s Rewind Design coasters.  

The coasters are crafted from recycled coffee sacks (prewashed) and scraps off my sewing room floor–mainly parts of vintage  linen calendars.

After cutting off calendar graphics and words for larger projects,  found I had a lot of extra months and numbers lying around.

What do you do with December 1977  or March 1982?

Drawing on my background as a video producer and editor, I used these numbers as layers, visual texture to set off a few stray calendar birds.

Not a coaster but very similar to the pieces in Green Craft Magazine, a little bit of wall art made from sewing room scraps

I love using layers in my work.  They draw the eye, calm  fabric that’s too bright  and blend different elements together as part of a bigger whole.

I also love making useful items–like coasters.  Who says the things we use the most can’t be fun to look at.

These coasters are made from some discontinued decorator samples, and will soon be for sale through my website

Green Craft is sold at Barnes and Noble and many craft and fabric stores.  Check it out.  I can’t wait to make the 6 pack craft cartons. My sewing room is always a mess–


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