The Ultimate 70s Sewing Project–A Flower Power Rug

Two great vintage cottons and a polyester double-knit make up this bold throw rug that I just finished for my web store–

The  acid green and orange plaid is large–I didn’t want to cut it.  So I quilted a nice length  to a recycled cotton terry bath towel  using rows of channel stitching.

The textural effect is great–both front and back.

More authentic 1970s cotton in a nice warm brown finish the sides with wide banding and  mitered corners.

Yes, I could have stopped there–but the early 70s were all about pushing the limits.  I think we called it, letting it all hang out.

Hanging out in this project is a polyester double-knit flower–

The yellow applique was harvested from a throw pillow, but you could easily recreate it with simple templates–a tear drop, petal shape and a center circle. 

  • Cut five petals, one circle. 
  •  Place applique pieces using a temporary adhesive
  • Zig-zig around the edges

Polyester double-knit doesn’t ravel and it has lots of body, making it great for appliques.  Plus there’s  a lot of this indestructible fabric  still hanging around.  We had tons of it for sale at the Alamance County  Hospice Flea Market last summer,  CHEAP.   

And while polyester double-knit was never fun to wear (It didn’t breathe),  the colors and designs are  sooo very, very 70s.  Appliques are the perfect solution. 

Note:  If you fall in love with a fabric you see in one of my  blog posts, contact me.  There may be extra yardarm available for sale.  ( At the very least, I’ll sympathize.  I know what it is to lust after a fabric)


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