Don’t be Afraid to Flip Your Fabrics

Who says rights are rights and wrongs are wrong.  If I like the back side of a fabric better than the front, I flip it.

Like this reclaimed decorator sample from the great Scrap Exchange in  Durham NC–It’s cool on the front (white side)–but super cool on the back.  All the great color blocking will make a terrific little cross over bag, like the ones I’ve been turning out for my web store,

Below is another flipped over fabric project–While I  work with vintage and reclaimed textiles almost exclusively, I confess to buying the new outdoor fabrics for my yard furniture and beach projects.

100% polly, these textiles are so carefree and easy to sew compared to the older versions.  Still the colors of this reproduction print were too vivid for my shabby chic garden–so I flipped it.   The look is a bit faded and worn, but the fabric is still brand new and strong.  I hope it will last me for several seasons.

Final note–Several years ago, I covered every cushion of my mother’s beach house furniture in flipped over outdoor fabric.  It wears just as well on the back as the front!!  A great choice that wipes clean.

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