How I Organize my Fabric Stash

It happens–

Sewing frenzies, buying frenzies–about every 6 to 9 months I need a big reorg on my vintage fabric collection. 

This  takes time–time I could be sewing.  But a reorg helps me discover lost treasures and find new combinations.  Plus, every time I reorg, I get a little better at making my fabric work for me. 

1) Open shelves work best.  Stack flat folds of fabrics on shelves and boxes for remnants and trims.

2) Organize by color. 

Stack of reds and pinks

3) Then think like a fabric store.  For example, my blue fabrics are sub divided by weight–heavy blues like denim in one stack, light-weight blues in another.  And each color has a section for remnants–smaller pieces of  blue go into the blue remnant box.

Remnant bins--these for blue--are a critical part of the scheme

4) Keep hot projects close at hand.  My color stacks are in the garage.  In my sewing room, I have labeled plastic bins for the projects that are top of mind–my scarves for example.  I have two  bins of silks, embroidery,  gauzy fabrics, even some reclaimed mink.  While my crossover bags have their own bin full of  heavy wovensand rich brocades. ( Both are labeled.) 

Hot projects, like my cross over bags ( have their own project bins in my sewing room

5) Finally. don’t be afraid to down-size.  If you’ve struggled with a piece of fabric over time  and still don’t have a vision for it, it might be time to  let it go .  The Hospice Flea Market Store is a favorite charity of mine.  And I love giving my cast-off trims and fabrics to a friend who teaches kindergarten.  After all–playing with fabric is great fun.



  1. And your friend who teaches kindergarten is so appreciative. The kids do all sorts of creative crafts with your “cast-offs” so you not only bring joy to them but to a lot of Mommies and Daddies also! THANKS SO MUCH!

    • I remember the year your class made valentines with my cast off trim. Great stuff.

      Don’t forget I have two big boxes for you to go through soon. I just can’t be in the room. Rejecting fabric takes dicipline. OUCH. Thanks for the comment. C

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