Organizing my Fabric Stash Part 2–Purging without Pain

Fabric in.  Fabric out.  It has to be.

All space is limited, so  long-time fabric collectors like me need to purge their collections regularly.

I’ll admit  that when you love  old  textiles as much as I do,  getting rid of  fabrics is a  very tough job.   BUT  I am always collecting.  And  if I don’t  purge every six months or so, things start to get out of control.  Designing my vintage fabric creations ( becomes more frustrating than fun when I can’t find the pieces I need.

Having a great place to donate my cast-off textiles makes the job easier.  Top on my list:  My friend Geri’s kindergarten class.  The five-year olds love bright colors, flowers, birds, and anything that looks royal in this season of the wedding.

Move over Project Runway. 

Thanks to teacher Geri for the photos of her young fashion designers who also love to make purses and flags with staples and tape. 

Just remember, donate thinner fabrics to young children.   They use “baby” scissors. 

Other favorite places to donate fabrics:  The Scrap Exchange (Creative Reuse Center) in Durham.   The Hospice Flea Market Store, in Haw River, NC.

But check with your local elementary school first.  Art is a wonderful activity  and there’s not a lot of $ for supplies.

For more info on how I keep my fabric stash organized (by color and size), check out  this earlier post–

Happy designing!

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