Great Fabric from Vintage Clothes

And from great fabric, this cool  bag.  I made 3 of my Just-the-Essentials Crossover Bags for the Scrap Exchange Friends and Family Show last week.  

But this is my favorite.  It’s made from two decorator samples ( flipped to the wrong side), leftover ties from a gift bag, a wonderful vintage button,  and parts and pieces from a splendid old dress. 

Loved the dress.  Loved the color.  Loved the cutwork fabric.  Even loved the style, but this 1940s classic would never fit my waist or lifestyle.  (Who has a full slip these days? )

Hated the smell by the way.  But musty, torn and dirty always work to the buyer’s advantage.  $5 and two washings later I have parts from many, many fun projects.   

So when you’re shopping thrift stores, estate sales, and antique markets, never forget the vintage clothing rack (and the nasty old boxes in the back).  I’ve found some of my best fabrics, including this dress,  in just those places

Happy fabric shopping!  And to see more of my vintage fabric creations, go to my website,

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