Buy good thread! On sale this weekend

Grandma's wooden spools may look cool, but when it comes to thread, buy the best

Thread matters.  Ask anyone who  sews a lot or repairs and services sewing machines.  They’ll steer you  away from the cheaper brands toward  a good European-made thread. 

Guterman is my favorite. I’ve used it for years.   Mettler is another great brand with a lot of devoted  followers.  And while these threads may be a lot pricier than the old Coats and Clarks grandma paid 59 cents a spool for, they are worth the extra price.

Your machine will sew better, your stitches will look better.   Less frustration, too. 

I’ve taught lots of young women to sew over the years, and I tell them all–INVEST IN GOOD THREAD. 

Easy to do this weekend, since it’s on sale. 

 I am not a big fan  of the  Jo-Ann Fabric chain, but I will load up at their  periodic thread sales. 

50% off all thread including Guterman July 1st thru 4th says the sales flier. So  this is a great opportunity to restock my super-duper thread case. 

 Maybe the best Christmas gift every–my sister bought it at a Jo-Ann thread sale for 50% off. 

I love it!   Having the right thread always at my finger tips makes all my sewing more fun.

PS.  Watch what you’re grabbing.  100% polyester is the thread you need for most sewing.  There are some specialized cottons and silks.  But for building a thread collection–go poly.

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