Many Projects from a Maxi Apron

Don’t tell Vera, but I cut up her apron.    All that good cotton was just too tempting.  And while I recently read that maxi skirts are coming back (this apron is extra long), they’re not coming back in gathered school bus yellow flowers.

So sorry Vera, your design is being recycled.

Vera was Vera Neumann,  artist turned textile designer who built an empire from a Soho loft.

Vera made scarves, clothing and lots of home textiles in bright colors and nature themes.

I remember her napkins, placements and aprons best.   Back in the 60s and 70s, when  moms got out the cloth napkins, chances are they were Vera.

So  a lot of  her old kitchen and table designs are still around in estate sales and second-hand stores.

The cotton is great quality.  The colors are still vibrant.  The prices are low.  Vera is a bargain for a fabric recycler like me.

This piece was an especially good buy.  A hostess apron, It contains  over a  square yard of very bright, 70s fabric and cost me just  $3.

  • Project #1) Base layers for my Kikis Rewind Design Garden tool belts.  In this one, a big swatch of 1950s tablecloth and a little geometry  tone the wild Vera print down nicely.
  • Project #2) Small doses of pure 70s–I’m going to make headbands for my younger retro friends.

I will confess that I don’t love Vera’s designs by themselves.   But I do love their  mixing possibilities.   Like all large prints, they’re a challenge.  But when you get it right–sparks fly.   Viva Vera!!

One comment

  1. My mom had lots of Vera. I have a few of the sheets and pillowcases that are still in good shape. There were some towels, too. I always thought it said Ursa. Vera makes more sense. I am just discovering your blog and it is lovely. Thanks!

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