A New Project for Vintage Chenille

Chenille is cool.  And not just cool as in retro.  Back before A/C in the South, this was Grandma’s summer bedspread.

Chenille spreads were all the rage from the 1930s to the early 60s.  I bought this one at a charity flea market and because it had condition issues, I paid just a few bucks.

But my light pink popcorn chenille bedspread still has a lot going for it.  Number one–hand worked  bunches of flowers in the kind of thread embroidery I was taught to do as a child.

It looks like a project (likely a kit) someone started and never finished.  That makes this fabric find perfect for a recycler like me.

Here’s my vintage mattress ticking and pink chenille pillow.  I like the way the rough stripes tone down the sweetness of pink floral.  The 1960s trim also keeps the project from looking too girly.

On the back, great shell buttons.  Always a winner.

And I added free-form stitching to anchor and stabilize the vintage fabric.  The great texture my crazy stitiches created was an unexpected bonus.  I think they go prefectly with chenillle.For more of my vintage fabric creations, go to www.kikisrewinddesigns.com



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