Look What I found! Great Vintage Fabrics now at the Scrap Exchange

What a find!  Vintage 60s, perfect condition (after washing), and just $3. a yard!   

I did have to work pretty hard to dig it out.  An old furniture/drapery company donated 100s of leftover rolls to my favorite fabric store–Durham’s Creative Reuse Center, The Scrap Exchange. 

I saw lots of brightly colored vinyls, lots of 70s looking plush, and some electric blues and golds. 

Half the rolls are still in the warehouse section–so there may be some more great vintage prints in there.

Check it out, and tell your retro and sewing friends.  By the way, the Scrap moved this Summer.  They’re in a much larger location behind the Golden Belt Artists Studios.

And if you’re not local, or can’t get there, they have an ebay store.  Go to www.scrapexchange.org to learn more.  Happy shopping and sewing.


The good new


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