Don’t fight with Your Sewing Machine-4 Simple Solutions

I was doing a sewing demo for the Scrap Exchange Grand (Re) Opening and I must have looked blissfully happy, because several people came by and confessed their sewing machines had a totally opposite effect.

My machine hates me, I heard more than once.

Not good since The Scrap attracts all sorts of creative, original, can-do people.  I hate the idea of a machine standing in their way.

So for everyone struggling with a sewing machine, try this:

Check your thread:  Yes, brands DO make a big difference.  Buy one of the European threads.  And while I love using grandmas’ fabrics, I stay away from her thread collection.  It will cause a lot of problems.

Check your threading:  Get out the machine manual and make sure you’re making all the right (and left) turns.   Copy the diagram for upper and bobbin threading  and stick it over the machine.  Even experienced sewers can make mistakes here.  Double check.

Put in a new needle:  I use SCHMETZ Universal needles in sizes  #80  and #90 for most medium weight sewing.  And if you’re struggling with your machine DO try some medium weight sewing on a nice cotton to get you back on track.  It’s the easiest fabric to work with.   

Finally, Two small tools that make a big difference:  Use your machine’s lint brush to clear clogs from the bobbin area.  And if your machine is older or hasn’t been used in while, oil it.  You’ll be surprised at the difference a little oil can make.

Now, sew a test on sturdy cotton fabric.  Look it over, and subscribe to the blog.  I’ll tackle tension in an upcoming post.

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