Celebrating Fall with a Recycled Fabric Wall Hanging

So fitting that I started stitching  this wall hanging at a sewing demo for The Scrap Exchange.  All the fabrics in this 19 X 36 inch piece  came from The Scrap, my favorite creative reuse center in Durham, NC.

The background is a large remnant, flipped to wrong side.  The exposed threads were my inspiration.  They looked like tree bark.

My next lucky find was a 9 X 8 inch  book of discontinued decorator samples called “Tahoe”.   A happy forest dweller and gardener, I loved the rustic leaf outlines on these high-priced upholstery samples.  But they were so small!  I used felted scraps of wood as “frames” for my leaves.

Torn denim rectangles are covered with tree facts, hand written with my indelible quilt labeling pencil.  The tiny words contrast nicely with the bold leaves and felts,  and draw the eye closer.

Finally, I finished with some wood.  Vintage wooden buttons from my collection and lichen covered sticks from my own garden accent the piece, which now hangs from a branch on our living room wall.

The take away?  Follow your vision.  And when fabric talks, listen.  Plus, don’t forget to flip.  If the front doesn’t talk to you, the back just might.

To see more of my vintage and recycled textile collages, go to www.kikisrewinddesigns.com

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