The Best Fabric Sale Ever–Mark Your Calendars Now

Just looking at these fabrics makes my heart beat faster.  Silks from Thailand embroideries from India, velvets from England and Italy, samples of fabrics that once sold for 100s of dollars a yard.    

Plus funky vintage cottons and trims. 

And all I paid was $21.oo. 

That’s not a misprint.   I got all this for two ten-dollar bills and a 1.  

No wonder the Scrap Exchange Creative Reuse Center in Durham, NC is my favorite source for recycled fabrics.  

The Scarp holds two special fabric sales a year–Spring and Fall.   But last Friday was the first fabric sale in their new, much larger location.  More room, more bins and they added trims and yarn.  

Best sale ever, and as a life-long seamstress, fabric collector and textile artist, I should know. 

Thanks, Scrap Exchange!  Can’t wait to dive into these awesome fabrics and make more of my Kiki’s Rewind Designs.


  1. You should go. Durham also has a great downtown farmers market, lots of wonderful restaurants and a happening art scene. Plan a spring trip and take in the next Scrap Exchange sale, then stroll Duke Gardens. Neither will dissappoint.

    • Not vintage, but reclaimed. These are leftovers from the decorator projects they sew on during the year so the fabrics are new and very upscale.

      Lots of vintage fabrics in this area too though. NC was once the textile capital of the world so great fabric collections are always always showing up in thrift stores and my other haunts. My favorite place to shop for vintage is the Hospice Flea Market in Alamance County NC. The textile giant, Burlington Industries, was started there along with dozens of other mills including the one that invented Sunbrella fabric.

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