Handmade at the last Minute–Easy Lavender Sachets

Tomorrow may be Christmas Eve, but I’m not worried.  This afternoon I’ll sit down at my sewing machine and quickly make a half-dozen lavender sachets. 

These five-inch pillows are easy to make and a great way to use sheer fabric scraps and bits of lace from my collection.   And lavender sachets make prefect little presents for neighbors and friends. 

— Add them to a gift bag for a handmade touch. 

— Or pair a sachet with  a few bars of my favorite handmade lavender soap–Jenny’s Lavender from Carden Farms on Salem Street in Apex, NC. 

1) Cut two 6 inch squares

2) Pin with right sides together and sew 3 and half sides

3) Turn, pushing out corners, then fill with dried lavender flowers.  I use a funnel made from a cut and taped paper plate, a measuring cup and large bowl.

4) Pin opening and hand stitch closed

5) Tie with lace scrap, wrap and give

The possiblities are endless.  For example:  here’s a lavender sachet made to go under a bed pillow.  The words are from a Louie Armstrong song and hand written with a fine tip sharpie.   

Sweet Dreams to all of you…and very happy holidays.  Thanks for reading the blog.



  1. These are lovely and easy to do if you have accummulated the needed supplies to do these the week before Christmas.I think they are also nice for through the year Birthday gifts or special occasion expressions of kindness, welcome, recovery from illness,etc. I was thinking I should share this email with my daughter who is very creative;however, as I continued to read, I discovered the message wsa sent by my daughter’s “Rewind Design” web address.

    Very good,Chris;I am impressed!

    • Great idea about using these lavender sachets for people who have been ill or on bed-rest, etc. Lavender is so soothing, it makes everyone feel better. Thanks for the comment and so pleased you like my idea. I think one of the best things about these lavender pillows is the size. 5-6 inches is more of a mini-pillow and packs a lot of fragrance.

  2. Last night my daughter showed me how she’d carefully put hers under her pillow. I forgot to ask her this morning if she had especially sweet dreams! (Of course, she often tells me she dreams of sliding down rainbows, so hers are pretty sweet to begin with!)

    • Sliding down rainbows is about as sweet as it gets. Let’s put that in a sachet. Her very charming thank you note arrived today (along with yours). I have never had a card with so many stickers. Much excitement just trying to get into it. Sleep well and dream sweet dreams. I’m so happy you liked your little gift. C

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