A 19 Dollar Slipcover for a Priceless Pooch

Since I work with vintage, recycled and reclaimed fabrics, most of the pieces I find are 4 yards and under. So when I make a slipcover, like this one for our dog Tralee’s favorite chair, I often combine fabrics.

Thanks to one of my favorite sources–The Scrap Exchange for a bargain on the cotton plaid and off white upholstery fabric.  One was 2, the other 3 dollars a yard.  Together, they were enough to cover my chair.

Both got a good wash and dry  before I pinned up the cover.  Later I’m going to throw it in the machine often, so pre-shrinking is really important.   

Slipcovers on a simple chair like this are pretty easy.  Forget patterns, just pin fit, chalk (or pencil) and start stitching.  If you can find the old Sunset book, How to Make Slipcovers, it has all the instructions you’ll ever need. 

A few more slipcover secrets: 

The black and white check piping really pulled this cover together.  It’s an old tablecloth cut on the bias and stitched over cord.  Piping is extra trouble but more than worth it. 

I finished all the seams with serging (you can use zigzag stitch) so they won’t ravel in the wash. 

I did invest in a new brass uphostery zipper.   I bought longer than I needed and cut off the ends with old scissors. 

Finally, if you have a wonderful pooch like ours, give them a chair in the winter sunshine, and slipcover it.   Otherwise, you’ll be buying a lot of chairs.

So how do you pamper your pets?  Has anyone mastered super-tough homemade dog toys?

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