Upcycling–Three Reasons to use What you Have

Definition:  A recycler will turn old tee shirts, tablecloths,  jeans and fabric samples into rags–

An upcycler will turn them into something new–like the fabric collage bag below. 

I’m a textile upcycler because:

1) It’s thrifty.  My Kiki’s  Rewind Designs are long on labor but short on expenses for materials.  Costs even out and keep what I do affordable.

2) It’s green.  New life for old fabrics translates into less landfill space.  AND buying less while using and adapting what we have is an earth-friendly way to live. 

3) Old fabrics are cool.  They have character, history, stains from dinners past.  They were made in American, often in mills near my North Carolina hometown, by people I grew up around.  They were collected by my grandmothers for quilts and children’s clothes.  Very cool. 

Share your favorite upcycling projects and sources–

And to see more of my upcycled designs, check out my website  www.kikisrewinddesigns.com

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