Organizing Your Sewing Space (on the cheap)

You can spend a fortune on organization.  Lost of people do.  But if you don’t have money to burn on your sewing space, buy a battery operated label maker.   My Dymo Latratag cost under 20 bucks and it’s the best tool I have for keeping sewing tools and notions straight (not to mention other house-hold spaces).

I repurpose  most of my containers from the kitchen.

Mason Jars for buttons.

A thrift store spice rack for tools. 

Labeled cookie tins and funky old boxes make great holders for all kinds of things. 

Office supplies are good, too.  This desk organizer for mail holds old button cards. 

And I like open shelving for storage.   It keeps my supplies in easy reach and top of mind. 

If you sew, especially with vintage materials like I do (, you collect a lot of stuff.  Keeping it in order makes creating much easier for me. 

One final tip, those wine box inserts (these came from Trader Joes) make great cards to organize lengths of lace and  trim.  Just anchor the end in the slot, wrap and pin.

So how do you do it? If you have great tip for keeping your sewing space straight, especially one that recycles items your already have–please share.


  1. WOW ! I love the corner shelves! When I go to sew, I spend way too much time looking for my notions and stuff i need. Now you can spend all your time being creative instead of looking for materials. Great ideas!

  2. You are really organized; lots of good ideas for using space wisely in a small Sewing Room; also makes locating needed items much easier than storing in drawers.

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