Success with a Vintage Industrial Sewing Machine

My 59 year year old Singer is sewing again–sewing, overlocking, trimming, all at the speed of race car. 

I knew it would be a great machine.  The women I was volunteering with at the Alamance/Caswell Hopice Flea Market were all admiring it.  Alamance County (NC) used to be the textile center of the world, so when people there talk sewing, they really  know what they’re talking about. 

So I bought it.  It took a block and tackle to get it in and out of  the truck, and the hour ride home didn’t do it any good.    But my Singer 246-13 is finally up and running. 

First I called 1-800-4singer and got a real person on the phone.  Their customer service was great.  I gave her the model number and instantly learned  where and when my machine was made and how many (only 2000) were manufactured. 

The nice woman at Singer also helped me download the  machine manual (for free).  And she steered me to Arch Sewing Machine Company (1-800-272-4739) for parts and supplies. 

Joe at Arch ( another real person–wow) was also very helpful.  I ordered trimming blades and oil with a credit card over the phone and they arrived in about 2 days.   

Threading the machine was not so simple.  Allow lots of time if you’re working with an older overlock.  It took me about 4 hours and lots of broken thread before I found the right combo.   Don’t try to do this all at once.  

Worth it?  You bet.  It’s an awesome machine, faster with much prettier stitches than my modern overlock.  The fact that it will handle thicker fabric is a real plus.  And since I reuse vintage fabrics in my Kikis Rewind Designs, why not remake them on a vintage machine.  Good karma.

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