Quilted Fabric Name tags for Open Gardens and other Spring Parties

Big parties need many hostesses–so I made these large, colorful name tags for my friends’ open evening at their farm. 

Loosely modeled on winning State Fair Ribbons, these fabric badges would also be great  for brides, birthday girls and retirees.

First, I created the text on my computer.

Printed it on iron-on transfer sheets from the fabric store. (Don’t forget to reverse or mirror your image before you print.)

Ironed the text on to cotton canvas which then became the top layer of an applique sandwich (canvas, fill, canvas)

Felt, or felted wool makes a great fill layer with lots of standup body. 

I added fun images from fabric sample book purchased at the Scrap Exchange.  Then rows of channel stitching or quilting to hold the layers together.

Cut the shape out and use tight zig-zag stitches close the sides.   

Finally, another Scarp Exchange purchase, polka dot ribbon adds a super-festive touch.

A quick, easy project, these quilted name tags can be used again and again.  They’re very useful if you have an annual spring open garden ( like I do).  And they’re fun to make and wear. 

Suggestions?  How would you make and use a fun fabric name tag?


    • Thanks for the compliment and for sharing the link. I’m really looking forward to teaching my pillow class next month at the Scrap Exchange. I’ll suggest the fabric name tags for the next class session. I might also pitch a course in scrap scarves. They’re a great way to use all the lovely sheer samples that you sell.
      PS. Next week, I plan to post about the best fabric sale ever–YOURS (coming up next weekend). It’s the event for anyone who loves fabric. C

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