A Full Apron that Flatters…finally

Doesn’t matter if they come from the Target Discount Chain or London’s fabulous Harrods Department Store, most full aprons make me look like I’m wearing a sack–

So I set out to design a flattering full apron. 

My secret weapon–a scooped neck from Grandma’s time and darts, those little wedge shaped tucks that make blouses and pants hug around curves. 

Color (and pattern) blocking was another improvement.  Lucky me– a friend passed on a box of wonderful cotton print samples which I “aged” using bleach. 

Carefully placing the back ties at the waist line also gave my apron nice shape. 

Finally, I added more character and age  with an appliqued and quilted canvas pocket.  (Aprons must have pockets.)  On some, I used an  words and images from an old printed flour sack.  On others a cup, or a folk art chicken.  And the pockets are double stitched down.  Can’t have them coming loose. 

See–It fits and flatters.  That’s one of the great pleasure of sewing custom designs for your body type. 

What have you altered recently?  I welcome your flattering  fitting tips. 

And see more of my full  apron designs at:



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