A One of a Kind Gift for a Graduate

My smart young friend  just celebrated her college graduation with a Fiesta Party–so this vintage and reclaimed fabric bed pillow made the perfect one of a kind gift.

South of the Border themes were very popular in the 1950s.  Mid-century tablecloths and tablerunners like the ones used in the project are easy to find (and they are usually so stained you don’t feel guilty for cutting them up.) 

Step one was cutting identical squares for a pillow front and back.  I used an old yellow corduroy slipcover for this.  I wanted the pillow to have nice “weight”.

 Next,  I tore a square of the tablecloth  2-3 inches smaller than the finished pillow.   

I anchored the two fabrics on the pillow top  with lots of stitches–appliquing the words FlESTA with two tight zig-zag rows, then using  free hand straight stitches  to hold the layers in place. 

The raw edges of my tablecloth square  were covered with torn pieces of aqua seersucker.    Tearing strips of trim is a favorite technique of mine.  Torn and topstitched cloth makes great funky fringe. 

The rest was simple–a zipper and 4 seams.   And a big green button to dot the “i”.

The results were a big hit–a custom gift that will remind my friend always of her great accomplishment.  Project like this make me so happy I sew!


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