Make it yours–Cover a Family Reunion Book

Computers are great for sharing photos across the miles,  but when it comes to big family gatherings and reunions, there’s nothing like passing an old-fashioned photo book around.   

My Aunt has just such and album.  She’s filled a white spiral notebook with photos, essays and documents from our family history.    It’s very special book of memories–

So here’s a special cover for Aunt Doris’ family history.  

I used a upcycled spiral notebook, the wrong side of some upholstery fabric, burlap, and other vintage and reclaimed scraps in a layered collage. 

A hand written title and my Aunt’s  initials in the upper corner make the design very personal.  But photos, maps, and other memorabilia could also be scanned, printed  and stitched into the design.   

Anything that reminds you of you unique family tree is a great choice.  Just remember to sign your work.  I used a fine tip permanent marker to write a little note to my Aunt inside. 

Notes are good.  Handwriting is good.  It’s a family history, after all.  Make it yours. 



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