Upcycling Vintage Belts in a Bag

I love old fabric belts from the 50s and 60s.  They’re beautifully crafted and have lots of vintage charm. 

But women in the 50s and 60s tended to be smaller with hourglass figures.   These old belts are too short for any modern women I know.

So I use them to close bags.   Here are two examples of belt-bags I just listed in my Esty store. 

I stitched the buckle end of the belt to the bag flap.  Then I removed matching fabric  from the belt backing, stitched and knotted it to make a thread-through anchor which is sewn to the bag body. 

Old fabric belts are easy to find and cost about a dollar a piece.    That’s a lot of charm for a little money don’t you think? 

Any other ideas for these wonderful vintage finds?  Please share because I love old belts–


  1. I LOVE it! Another cool idea that I saw (just today, actually) was using old belt buckles with goss grain ribbon to wrap around journals.

    • Thanks for sharring, Geri. The belt buckle idea is splendid. Save or send a photo and I’ll try it. I have lots of old buckles hanging around. Thanks for reading. PS Let’s get together and sew and solve all the world’s problems.

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