Donate what you Do!

Lucky me–I live in creative cul-de-sac.  One one side–a genius web designer.  On the other– a genius painter who  introduced me to the organization B.E.S.T.

The letters stand for Beautify Emerging Spaces Together.  And I think their work–turning old buildings and store fronts into works of art– is the ultimate in upcycling. 

An upcycler myself, I want to support them. 

So I put my labor where my mouth  is–donating  two Kiki’s Rewind Design pieces  to the  latest BEST  fund-raiser, Raleigh largest urban  mural.   

Here’s one of the pieces I donated to the cause.   This Mid-Century Coffee Pot Apron is built around great 50s kitchen fabric that came to me as unstitched curtains.  (I love it when I can finish a project someone started more than half a century ago.)

And I also donated one of my signature garden tool aprons which are designed for women  gardeners who really like to get dirty.   Love the hot colors and high-summer vegetables! 

The BEST kick off event is tomorrow night (July 27th).  Check it out.

And keep looking for ways to support organizations and people who are using existing materials and spaces to make the world a more beautiful place.  That’s what upcycling is all about!

PS.  Find more of my vintage fabric creations at

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