Old Knits Make Easy Banners for Parades and Back to School

Got something to say?  Freehand some polyester knit letters like I did on these parade banners for my favorite reuse center, Durham’s Scrap Exchange

Poly knit is great for this kind of project because:

It’s cheap, plentiful, colorful, and most importantly–it doesn’t ravel.   Old-style knits also have a lot of body which means shapes and  letters are easy to cut out, sew or glue. 

I sketched my letters directly on the fabric with school chalk and then cut them out.

You could use fabric glue, but since I sew (a lot) I used a simple zig-zag stitch to anchor tetters to the banner background.  

I did use temporary fabric adhesive to hold them  in place while I stitched. (Look for this product in quilting department of fabric and craft stores.)

For added sparkle, I zigzagged eye-popping gold knit into the center of the letters “ART”. 

And I sewed old plastic grocery bags into the center of the letters for “Trash”.  (Yes, you can sew plastic and paper–Check out the trash in my “no trash” symbol.)

Each banner only took me only a couple of hours–but I was working alone.    They would be fun group projects, and great for pep rallys, classrooms, festivals, and plays. 

Look for poly double-knit in any thrift store that sells fabrics or at a creative reuse center like the Scrap Exchange.  You can even go into their new design center and use their cutting table and sewing machines.   There’s plenty of room for a group. 

PS.  These letter are sewn on a recycled  banner background made of nylon flag fabric, but if you’re hanging your banner flat and indoors, almost any background fabric will do.  Have fun with it–

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