Travel Fabric becomes a Quick Tote Bag

Fabric is a great travel gift.  It’s easy to pack and unique–like this Queen’s Jubilee fabric from The Cloth Shop in Edinburgh.   I knew my royal–watching old friend Imogene would love it.  So I bought 1/2 meter, brought it home and turned the textile into a quick, two-hour tote.

Instead of boxing strips, I tore two identical rectangles, stitched three sides together and finished the seams.  Then I formed a “mock-box” by folding and pressing a triangle across the side seams.

Finish and hem the top edge, add handles and you’re done. 

Or do what I did–EMBELLISH!   I added several layers of vintage trim and an elegant red button from my collection of reclaimed materials. 

So while the travel fabric is new, I’m still rewinding lots of trims in the project. 

To see more of my rewind designs and projects, go to my website or Etsy shop.    Happy sewing,  And please, tell me your favorite places to fabric shop when you travel!


  1. When I was on a trip to Paris, one of my friends went to the market in Montmartre and bought a bunch of fabric for herself. When she came home, she made clothes for herself. Such a cool souvenir!

    • I did buy some lovely cotton for a blouse in Edinburgh. Your friend’s story is a nice reminder to get it sewn up so I can think about that ancient, windy city everytime I wear my shrit.
      Thanks for the comment and the “like”, Emily. I really enjoy your blog and all your cool ideaa. C

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