How to Make Scrappy Scarves–Coming to the Scrap Exchange

Some of my favorite fabrics come the Scrap Exchange Creative Re-use Center in Durham., NC.    And one of my favorite ways to use them is making scrappy scarves. 

I love these scarves.  Each one has a different combo,  mood and story.  Plus they’re easy to cut and sew since all the seams are straight. 

On Saturday afternoon October 13th, in the Scrap Exchange Design Center–I’ll demonstrate  just how easy in a class called Scraps to Scarves. 

Bring your sewing machine or use one of theirs.  And there’ll be lots of luscious fabrics and trims to pick from.

Beginners are welcome.

Here’s the link for class registraion–Sign up and learn how to make  your own lovely Scrappy Scarves from vintage and reclaimed fabrics–

It’s thrifty, creative and GREEN.

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