Make it in an Hour–My Super-Fast Phone Bag

This is why I save everything–

The body of my little bag is a discontinued decorator sample in sturdy woven cotton.   

The tie is the drawstring  from a pair of  old linen pants.

A remnant of drapery trim and salvaged velcro make the flap.  I used my serger to finish the ends of the trim, but a tight applique or button-hole stitch on a regular machine would also work nicely. 

Finally, my globe-trotting niece brought me some tiny “worry dolls” from the market in Honduras.  Fabric glue turns one into a great “button” and covers the stitching for the velcro. 

So what can you make in an hour or less?  The holidays are coming.  It’s a perfect time to  share your favorite quick projects.

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