Roll your Fabric Stash

For years, I stored my fabric yardage in flat folds.   Moving them around became quite a workout over the years. 

Thank goodness my husband’s brain is wired differently.  “Looks like that would be easier if you rolled them up,” he said. 

He was so right. 

Yes– It did take many, many hours to roll and tie my large collection of yardage, which I  arranged on shelves by color. 

But the results were more than worth it.  It’s now easier to see what I have, and more importantly, I can  dig out fabrics at the bottom of the pile with out shifting an entire stack of heavy folds. 

I still use my labeled plastic bins for speciality collections like vintage tablecloths, embroidery, decorator samples,  etc.  But for yardage, rolling is a much better way to manage my stash. 

What about you?  How are you storing your fabric collection?

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