Holiday Sewing Goes Down to the Wire

Yes, that’s me doing some last-minute sewing just before the doors opened at last year’s St. Thomas More Holiday Craft show in Chapel Hill, NC.

I’ll be at Thomas More again this year–December 1st from 9 till 4 and I’ll probably be sewing right up to the wire again.

Along with my signature garden aprons; reclaimed fabric bags, pillows and scarves, I’m on a pot holder roll. 

Here’s some product testing in my own Thanksgiving kitchen. 

And here’s my sewing table–lots of  great 70s fabrics, old towels for extra thick batting and thread tails–lots of thread tails.    Oh my– The house is a mess!

I like to give these pot holders with homemade or purchased food, or a favorite cook book.  I think they make any gift more personal and unique. 

I’ll also be  part of new show on Dec 8 at Triangle Presbyterian Preschool in Durham, NC.

Joining me in both spaces will be hip knitter Gail Kennedy and best pal (pot holder assistant and number one cheerleader) Melissa.  Gail will be selling her very cozy pocket scarves, shawls and warmers.

Gail’s hip-hand knitted pieces

  Come by and say hello.

PS.  To see more of my vintage and reclaimed fabric creations or shop without leaving home, check out my ETSY store.

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