Best After-Christmas Buy EVER

I’m usually shopped out by the time Christmas is over–gold_rickrack1

But thank goodness I picked up this roll of gold rick rack at an after-Christmas sale about 10 years ago.

50 yards, marked down to  11 dollars and some change at a local garden/decorating shop.    Not much considering that I’ve used this great glittery, polyester rick rack every Christmas since.  gold_rickrack3

Here it is  holding holiday cards  draped from the mantle.  The gold clips came from the office supply store.  Like the rick rack, they’re easy to use and reuse.  In a few weeks, both will go back into the attic.gol_rickrack2

And here’s my gold rick rack threaded through a  homemade gift tag made with 2 decorative stamps and wine box dividers.     Reuse is catching, I guess. 

What’s your favorite crafty after-Christmas buy?

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