Many Threads in my “Sew Cool” Wall Hanging

sewcool_2I just finished my new wall hanging which I hung  over a curtain in my sewing room. sewcool_wide

Don’t know if I’ll leave it there, but for the moment I love the look of milky light filtering through–like a window to the past.

Thanks to my sister for encouraging my me to buy the WHOLE box of  vintage doll clothes that I had no use for…other than to admire.   sewcool_anchor

My friend Teresa came up with the appliqued dress element.   She’s very good at picking cool projects  and  booked a whole day to sew with me at the Scrap Exchange. 

Another sewing partner from the Scrap, Karen,  gave me the net from an old wedding dress.  It made wonderful see-through pockets to hold the vintage doll clothes and other  bits of memorabilia like button cards and  my sewing valentines. sewcool_valentine

Where ever this piece ends up hanging, it will remind me of three important things I’ve learned from my sewing: 

Creative friends make it better.  They affirm, inspire and nudge you in directions you wouldn’t have taken otherwise.

Believe in the happy accident.  If doll clothes and net find their way to the top of your sewing pile,  maybe they were meant to be together. 

And finally, don’t forget why we do this–make what makes you happy.  

So what’s making you happy in the sewing room this week?



  1. This is awesome. I am going to make a Gotta Go privacy screen for my Gotta Go Kits. If you ever worry about finding a bathroom when you are traveling or outside, Gotta Go Kits are a portable, disposable bathroom in a bag…Check them out and keep your eye out for a groovy privacy screen made from cool shopping bag fabric.–

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