Label It! A Guide for Reclaiming Heirloom Fabrics.

mandy_bag1I’m very proud of this little wrist bag I made for a friend from her mother’s vintage prom dress. 

But the part I like best about it is the handwirtten label I sewed into the seam.label_1

In only 10 minutes, using  items I already had on hand (ribbon and a fine tip sharpie), I connected my creation to its story indefinitely.  That’s priceless.label_2

Too many items from history don’t have a name.

Heard that at a quilt talk last year and couldn’t agree more.  After helping my mother clean out two family homes, I’ve seen how so many things are lost because no one remembers why they were saved–not in heat of the moment at least. 

I want to change that.  And this little label is a great first start. 

So how do you reclaim and label your heirloom fabrics?  Any favorite projects?

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