A Favorite Fabric Sale–Burlington NC

SV_rollaCheck out the back of my pal Kristen’s car after Saturday’s Stevenson Vestal Community Fabric Sale.SV_car

And she’s  still loading. Kristen brought neighbor Nancy along to guard her selections and help wrangle her purchases. SV_nancy

Every year I try to hire this strong, tall man to help me out.  But he  always tells me he has his hands full with his own family. SV_guy

And I did fine without him–scoring over a dozen lovely fabrics including silks and choice embroideries.  Here are the two “finds of the day”, large birds and crewel.SV_fabric

Plus–my trim bag runneth over…SV_trim

As much as I could put in this bag costs just $10.  Which brought my grand total for the sale to $25.


Even more amazing–all the money goes to charity.  Stevenson Vestal sews for decorators across the county.  Once or twice a year, the sell off all the leftovers from their jobs and donate 100% of the money to worthy causes.   No wonder I love this sale so much. 

“Like” Stevenson Vestal on Facebook to find out when sales happen.  Or send them an email to get on the notification list. 

And yes, it’s worth a drive.  Just ask my cousin Betsy who travels 3  hours from Virginia  to attend.  We’re always so excited, we wake up before the alarm.

What are your favorite fabric sales?  Maybe we’ll drive down (or up) there–


  1. I’m lusting over the big birds. “Just put a bird on it”
    Found a large mesh trash can about 3′ tall and with wheels at Home Depot for $15 — perfect storage for my Stevenson Vestal rolls I scored Saturday. Karen

    • I’ll share a brid or two with you at the next Scrap Exhange sew night. I see it in pillows with torn trim or something else rough. What about you? Glad you made and enjoyed the sale. What was your find of the day?

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