Kiki’s Problem Solving Purse Organizer

organizer_couponsOk,  I am not a big fan of plastic– but this zip-top bag ORGANIZER works so brilliantly,  I had to make some for my friends and Etsy store.


Here’s the first one I made, my own purse organizer, which leaves all the other purse organizers I’ve tried over the years in the dust.   Inside, 6 zip-top pouches hold coupons, cards and other things (I never leave home without) where I can instantly see  and access them.   


No more digging in my purse!   And who doesn’t use zip-top bags for travel.  This design keeps them all together for easy organizing in hotel bath rooms. 


True to my REWIND mantra, the fabrics and trim are reclaimed. The buttons–reclaimed or vintage. The quilting and binding are a nice design touch I added to a Pinterest idea sharred by a sewing pal (thanks Teresa!).


See more of these organizers and other vintage and reclaimed fabric creations in my Etsy store. I’ve got lots on new projects on the sewing table for spring! What about you?



  1. I love the organization! I’ve got something similar for my jewelry and it works great too. I never thought about it for my purse but it would be great for keeping coupons and receipts.

    • I makes my life sooo much easier. I hated always digging in my purse.
      Right now, I’m collecting vintage travel tea towels with maps of Virginia, Jamacia etc, to turn into zip lock travel orgainizers. Fun. Thanks for the comment. kiki

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