Get Creative with a Basic Pillow

If you want to get inspired, teach someone else.  My Basic Sewing class at the Scrap Exchange (Durham, NC) was packed with 7 super-creative people  (men and women) who couldn’t  wait to see their fabric visions take shape. 

Just look at the first machine project from student Karen–Karens_coolpillow

If you’d like to try your hand at a very personal pillow like her’s,  basic instructions from the class handout are given below.

Instructions for your PILLOW:

1) Cut 2 identical squares or rectangles that will be the FRONT and BACK of your pillow.  Cut them larger than the finished pillow, allowing ½ inch for seams on each of the 4 sides.

Note: if you were using a purchased pillow form, measure the form and add seam allowances to those measurements.

2) If you are adding appliqué or other embellishments to your pillow, stitch them to the right sides of the fabric now.  Christine can help you with appliqué technique.

3) Placing right sides together, pin around the back side of the fabric on all side of your pillow.  Now place two pins on either side of the opening you will use to turn and stuff the pillow.

Tip:  you will be putting your hand inside the pillow to distribute stuffing.  Make sure the opening is wide enough to let you reach all sides and corners. 

4) Stitch a one half inch seam around the pillow edges, pivoting at corners, leaving a generous opening for turning.

5) Press and clip corners to reduce bulk. 

6) Turn your pillow right side out and (gently) push out corners.

7) Stuff your pillow well using small pieces of craft stuffing, then pin the opening closed.

8)  Hand sew opening and fluff your pillow.  Now pat yourself on the back. 

CONGRATULATIONS you have created an original!

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