Fabric and Paper come together in a Sewing Room Collage

Of all the projects  I sew,  small collages like this one have to be the most fun.  sewcollage_wide

These serendipitous, spur of the moment creations bring together lots of odd (but favorite)  bits and pieces, and they’re easy to start and finish in an evening.sewcollage_quote

This collage, which hangs on my sewing room door, was inspired by two things: my favorite quote  (torn from a magazine) and some well-used letter stencils that turned up for sale at the Scrap Exchange. (Yes, you can sew paper to fabric as long as you don’t plan to wash your project.) sewcollage_letterpic

Instead of starting with a finished size in mind, I work out, creating the core design, then stitching it to a larger canvas and adding as I go. sewcollage_pocket

The pocket was an after thought, but a very nice place for one of the vintage sewing cards from my collection. sewcollage_doorknob

Door knob art and a crafty showcase for a favorite quote– What do you think?

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