Save that Dresser Scarf Fabric and Make a Dish Towel

Dish towels–I use.  Dresser scarves–not so much.

Grandmothers loved them, but I think these mini table runners that were once SO POPULAR are more clutter than cool these days.

dresserscarfStill, they’re a ton of old dresser scarves out there.  And for the most part they’re cheap.   Of course, you can buy pricier examples on Amazon or Ebay.   Or you can buy them for almost nothing.  I think I paid dollar for this one.

I’m saving the cool embroidery for one of my garden tool aprons. It’s the cotton center I’m after for dish towel making.   Sturdy and absorbent –you can’t get good cotton like that anymore, at least not for a buck.

The long rectangle is already hemmed (or nicely embellished) on the sides.  All I  do is cut the ends off the dresser scarf and finish the raw edges anyway I like.colettes_dishtowel

Here’s a dish towel I just completed for my cousin’s birthday.

I added a 1970s flora print and trim from an old homespun gingham apron to dress my raw edges.   Also check out the vintage button and loop.  A totally unique gift in about an hour and half (and useful, too). What do you think?coleettes_dishtowel2

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