A Family Tree Wall Hanging that Keeps Stories Safe

When you have a story to tell in textiles–pockets rule.   photoquilt

That’s why I put  a ton of  tree stamped pockets on my family tree wall hanging.    

I’m creating the family tree to share at our next cousins reunion. I plan to pass out paper and pens so everyone can write memories of the people in the photos. 

The pages will go in the pockets for safe keeping.  Too many family stories get lost over time. 

I made the pockets from a stack of silk/linen fabric samples; Jacquard (my favorite) fabric paint in brown; and a rubber stamp from Michael’s. 

Locally, (In the Raleigh-Durham NC area) you can buy Jacquard fabric paints at Jerrys Artarama , a store I can spend hours wandering around inside.

The pockets are deep.  Note the side button opening/close for easy access of the stories, photos, and other bits that might be stored inside.detail

Keeping it together works for me.  How about you?  How do you store family stories?

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